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My accidental radish crop* is starting to pour in and I’m looking for ways to prepare and preserve.  One great recipe I found linked to on the Little Homestead in the City blog is Sweet Radish Relish.  The original recipe calls for daikons, but regular radishes work just fine.  Cover the diced radish with salt and let rest in a colander for about 1 hour, rinse, drain and let dry.  Heat one part sugar and one part rice vinegar to a boil (use about 1 cup each per pound of radish).  Pack the diced and salted radishes into sterilized jars, pour in the brine, refrigerate for about one day.  Then eat!  The relish keeps about two weeks this way, or it can be processed and canned like pickles to preserve longer.

*My accidental radishes started coming up between the tomatoes last month.  I never planted them!  They’re most certainly leftovers from last year’s crop of White Icicles that decided not to germinate until this Spring.


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