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Quite Contrary Gardens

how does your garden grow?

Every year I like to try something new in the garden.  Or rather, many, many new things.  I guess I’m fickle, but there are only a handful of veggies that I absolutely must plant every single year, like my beloved Louisiana Long Green eggplant.

Otherwise, I like to experiment.  New flavors, new textures, new colors, I’m all about the new.  This year I’m trying Long Purple Cayennes, Pepino melons, Black Futsu squash, White Wonder watermelons, and Tatume squash for the first time.  The Tatume is the only one close to eating thus far.  This cute little Curcubita pepo is from Mexico and is/was quite popular in the American Southwest, though it is becoming harder and harder to find from what I understand.  The plant is vining and very vigorous, putting down roots where the nodes touch the ground– a life-saving strategy in the arid climate it comes from and a healthy boon here in the Mid Atlantic.  So far this season, the plants are doing well under the onslaught of rain, rain and more rain.  No borers, just a squash bug or two sighted.  This first little squash at right should be ready to pick in a day or so when it reaches the size of a tennis ball.  I understand they are delicious, great baked or stuffed. 

I’ll be sure to report back with a full and happy belly.


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