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Quite Contrary Gardens

how does your garden grow?

Today is the perfect day to be outside working in the garden. Slightly cool, slightly cloudy, rain from the past two days is making the weeds easy-peasy to pull. (So why am I inside on the computer right now, you ask? To cook lunch- I’ve worked up an appetite already)

The battle of the squash bugs appears to be taking a turn in my favor. There were no bugs, nymphs or eggs spotted this morning and no wilting in the young plants. It’s not over yet, but it is gratifying to see the tide turning so quickly and without needing to resort to spraying chemicals or destroying the crop. I have noticed jillions of spiders on the stems and undersides of the zucchini and squash leaves and yesterday even spotted an assasin bug nymph (they’ve been scarce this year for some reason) so I know I’m getting a helping hand out there.

If you’ve driven by lately, you probably know that the farm stand is not quite open yet. I’ve had a couple of customers from last year ask in the past week when we’ll be opening and the answer is: soon! As I start all plants from seed without the aid of a greenhouse or indoor light setup, the spring’s cold weather and late frost set me back on summer crops by 2-4 weeks. But finally the zucchini, summer squash and cucumbers are rolling in at a steady rate, so look for the stand to open within the next week. Also, new this season, you will find seed from our heirloom and international, open-pollinated veggies at the stand. All are collected right here in the garden.


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