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Quite Contrary Gardens

how does your garden grow?

It seems like summer finally decided to arrive! And it’s a welcome relief for the garden after a second straight growing season of unusually cool temperatures. August is shaping up to be a ‘normal’ month with temperatures climbing into the 90’s during the day. The tomatoes are finally thriving, the eggplant is finally flowering, the chard and fennel are beautiful and the pepinos are loaded down with their little ‘melons.’ Phew! I thought I was losing my garden mojo for while there!

And since the tomatoes have decided that summer is finally here, it is time once again for my favoritest favorite meal- gazpacho! Tomatoes, cucumber, onion, maybe a carrot or sweet pepper, little bit of hot pepper, whatever’s ripe in the garden with a pinch of salt and a hefy helping of vinegar in the blender et voila! Dinner is served and I never even needed to touch the stove!


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