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Just over a month old now, these little mongrel chicks are growing like weeds, on track to be a decent size, especially considering they are not a large breed, by the time December slaughter rolls around. And how gorgeous are these tiny buggers!? No teenage pterodactyl phase for them as for most chickens; they seem to have grown from adorable, fuzzy babes into beautiful, colorful, amazing chickens-in-miniature, completely bypassing the gawky, awkward stage. I am so enamoured by this group’s looks and personalities that I’ll be keeping several, including one of the cockerels, for breeding.


I’ve been reminded tonight that I’ve been terrible about updating lately– there’s been a lot going on and yadda, yadda. There’s really no excuse. So, for today, here’s a photo of some of the homestead’s newest additions. These little guys will be dinner in December, and the gals will stick around to lay us some blue and green eggs.